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Tripalink Corp


About Us

Tripalink, founded in 2016, is a product-and community-focused residential co-living company with a unique and integrated business model being a property operator and a real estate developer. Tripalink has entered 7 major cities in the US and is managing over 3000 bed-spaces. In 2020, Tripaink will expand to 30 cities, operate over 10,000 bed-spaces, and enrich millennial's' lives with its co-living services on a larger scale.

What We Provide:

- Full Time Return Offer

- CPT/OPT/H1B Sponsorship

- Excellent Working Environment: Energetic, Ambitious, Passionate

- Great Team Experience: Work Hard, Play Harder

- Regular Team Building Activities

- Free Community Event Entrance

- Leadership Cultivation & Individual Development

- Networking & Resources from External Partners

- Opportunities of Rotation Among Departments & Locations

- Compensation & Benefits Above Average


- Get familiar with all the properties, create introduction strategy and display properties for potential tenants in both open house activities and individual visits.

- Conduct Intermediate negotiation processes, consult clients on market conditions, prices, legal requirements and related matters, ensuring a fair and honest dealing.

- Determine clients’ needs and budget to propose guidance and solutions for them.

- Prepare necessary paperwork (contracts, leases, statements, etc.) and manage the check-in / check-out processes.

- Cooperate with vendors to solve maintenance issues, providing customer-oriented service to tenants.

- Participate in the brainstorm and meetings to initiate consulting plan for different seasons with flexible strategies.

- Expand and innovate promotion channels including but not limit to online / offline advertisements, open house and community building activities.


- 1+ years of leasing or related experience

- Excellent communication and negotiation skills

- Persuasive with marketing and sales skills

- Proven working experience as leasing agent

- Working knowledge of real estate law and leasing practices

- Proven track of successful sales record

- Up to date with property market status

- MS Office familiarity

- Fluent in speaking Chinese is mandatory 

Working Hours: 9:30 - 6:30

If you are interested in this position, please submit your resume to hr@tripalink.com

Please refer to this format as subject line: "Name + Position + CCYP"

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Tripalink, founded in 2016, is a youth community based in Los Angeles. It is an open community for millennials in the United States, sharing information and resources....