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ShipSaving正在寻找专职的行政助理,以协助我们处理行政工作。如果你认为你自己能够适应繁忙的工作环境并且拥有一颗积极进取的心,我们欢迎你的加入!在该职位上,你将变身公司“管家”已应对不同的工作内容。 (该工作可全职或兼职)  
- 对外联络,接听电话。  
- 认真归档,且有能力撰写项目企划。  
- 根据上级的指示完成不同维度工作。  
- 在客户和支持团队之间建立关系,使用户更容易解决小问题或短期问题。  
- 快速学习者,能够在快速的工作环境中工作。  
- 熟悉支持在线应用程序,操作系统,Internet技术,并从技术方面解决问题。  
- 知道如何Multitasking  
- 有冷静的判断能力且快速的决策力,知道如何处理危机问题。  
- 耐心并且知道如何团队合作。  
- 与外部客户以及内部同事和部门进行清晰,简洁的沟通。  
- 回复客户支持电子邮件时,要有紧迫感,承诺和质量感。  
- 熟悉iOS和/或macOS或类似技术为佳。  
- 每分钟输入30个以上单词的能力。  
- 需要出色的书面和口头交流,演讲和协助技巧。  
- 必须具有副学士学位。  
- 健康保险 
- 牙科保险/视力保险 
- 带薪休假/带薪病假/带薪节假日 
- 退休计划 
- OPT / OPT Extension/ H1B Transfer 
- 员工折扣 
Job Description 
ShipSaving is looking for a full-time Administrative Assistant/ Customer Success Representative to assist our customers with using our software, including production introduction and online chat, problem-solving. Must with excellent interpersonal skills and communication skills. The candidate will work closely with all teams. 
General Job Duties 
- Act as personal cheerleaders for the business explaining to customers why you can meet their specific needs. 
- Onboarding new customers while educating them on how to use your product. 
- Following up on renewals CSM is to create loyally, repeat customers instead of one-time users. Collect and analyze valuable information from customers to improve better service. 
- Building relationships between customers and the support team making it easier for users to solve small or short-term problems. 
- Being the voice of the customer to ensure your company's decisions always consider the voice of the customer. 
- Quick learner, be able to work in a fast pace work environment. 
- Familiar with supporting online applications, operation systems, Internet technologies, and solving issues from the technical aspect. 
- Maintain good feedback and rating of online accounts. 
- Uphold company values and respect every customer, setting appropriate expectations. 
- Filling, writing a project plan. 
- Patient and know how to work as a team. 
- Minimum of six months experience in providing customer service either via phone or in person. 
- Communicate clearly and concisely with external customers as well as internal colleagues and departments. 
- Provide a sense of urgency, commitment, and quality when responding to customer support emails. 
- Familiarity with iOS and/or macOS, or comparable technology, is preferred. 
- The ability to type 30 words per minute. 
- Excellent written and verbal communication, presentation, and facilitation skills. 
- Must have an Associate degree. 
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ShipSaving成立于2018年,总部位于美国加州洛杉矶。面向未来多形态的电商模式和个人寄件需求,致力于为海外华人打造最专业,最适合的物流解决方案。我们的使命是: 为从事电子商务的企业和个人提供人性化的产品和优质的...