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Pacific Bridge Packing, Inc.

Pacific Bridge Packing, Inc.



We are expanding our sales team and welcome sales professionals with motivation to begin a new journey in their career with us.  Each individual in the sales team will grow to be experienced solution selling professionals through tailored sales training, to provide solutions, prospect new opportunities, and explore undeveloped territories.

  • 銷售專業人士的責任和義務
  • 利用打电话,邮件,参加展会的方式开发新的客户,建立新的業務關係。
  • 協助現有銷售團隊管理現有客戶以及開發新業務。
  • 通過了解客戶需求,分析應用程序以及推薦有利於公司和客戶的解決方案。
  • 提供以客戶為導向的售前和售後服務。
  • 在全美國范圍內开发潛在客戶和现有客戶联系关系

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Cold Caller will be responsible for sourcing prospects and establishing new business relationships by utilizing professional skills and various marketing tools.
  • Assist current Sales Team in managing existing customers as well as developing new business.
  • Perform sales related activities by understanding customer needs, analyzing application, and recommend solutions that benefit both the company and customers.
  • Provide customer-oriented pre-sale and post-sale services.
  • Travelling nationally to visit prospects & customers


  • 理想的銷售專業人必須能夠學習和適應行業趨勢和市場活動。
  • 能夠在快節奏的環境中承擔跟业务有关的所有活動。
  • 自我激勵,以結果為導向。
  • 學士學位優先考慮。
  • 必须據有電話行銷的经历(1到2 年B2B)。
  • 有效的工作證和駕駛執照
  • 精通英文/中文(读,写,说)

Qualifications and Skills

  •  Ideal candidates must be able to learn and adapt to industry trends and market activities.
  • Ability to manage priorities, multi-task, and keep track of sales activities in a fast-paced environment.
  • Self-motivated, result driven.
  •  Bachelor degree preferred.
  •  Cold calling experience is a must (1 to 2 years), B2B experience is preferred.
  • Valid working permit and driver’s license
  •  Bilingual preferred (English/Chinese), must be fluent in both


  • 有競爭力的基本工資
  • 獎勵的佣金結構
  • 累積年底獎金
  • 團體健康保險
  • 帶薪假期和假期


  • Competitive base salary
  • Incentive commission structure
  • Progressive bonuses
  • Group health insurance
  • Paid vacation and holidays

請將履歷表上傳到 E-mail: jason@pbpack.com

Please E-mail to : jason@pbpack.com

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