Data Science/Machine Learning Development Program – May '24 Grads

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职位Data Science/Machine Learning Development Program – May '24 Grads
行业分Human Resources Services
公司规模:10K+ employees
工作地点:New York, NY, US
  • May 2024 Graduates only
  • Education.  Accepting three levels of education:  Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and/or PH.D degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Engineering, or a related field.
  • Communication. You are an advanced English language speaker.
  • Technical skills. You have fluency in Python—including popular data science packages (pandas, sklearn, etc.), proficiency in SQL, notably writing and optimizing queries, and  strong knowledge of data 
  • structures, algorithms, and methods used in the data science field.
  • Knowledge of natural language processing
  • Experience with integrating data products (recommender systems, classifiers, chatbots, etc.) into applications in production environments
  • Exposure to Jupyter notebooks, MLflow, and/or Databricks platform
  • AWS cloud solutions (S3, Glue, Lambda, SageMaker)
  • Experience with distributed computing environments (Spark/Hive)

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