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Yaheetech Ecommerce Company



As a Business Development Specialist at Yaheetech, you will be responsible for helping grow and maintain the existing portfolio of retailers and ecommerce platforms with which we do business. Additionally, you’ll play a crucial role in meetings with these companies and in ensuring that the relationship remains healthy and productive.

Yaheetech also expects you to support the development of new and successful items by responding to requests from our sales and operations teams for product and trend research on a timely basis. You will also serve as a contributor to our marketing efforts in the United States and help to build awareness of the Yaheetech brand.


1. Platform communication

a. Assist the business and operations teams by contacting Yaheetech’s enrolled channels to resolve urgent issues (via phone, email and occasionally in-person).

b. Prepare materials for, join and help facilitate the success of meetings for large projects.

c. Visit the headquarters of Yaheetech’s business partners to discuss and present business proposals as well as display the company’s latest products.

2. Channel development

a. Initiate and develop relationships with new entities that result in Yaheetech cooperating with new retailers and platforms.

b. Assist the business and operations teams with the initial onboarding of new channels and projects and ensure a smooth handoff with respective teams.

c. Develop and implement a strategy for getting more of Yaheetech’s products into offline stores.

3. Business support and marketing

a. Search for and maintain relationships with marketing services providers (for example but not limited to KOLs and marketing agencies).

b. Cooperate with the Chinese operations team to fulfill their requests.

c. From time to time, provide analysis of market and national trends.

d. Conduct research on competitor’s products by reviewing online materials, purchase products (at the company’s expense) for review, and evaluate Yaheetech’s performance compared to its industry peers.

e. Help prepare research related to and implement the promotion strategy for various different sales seasons.

f. Assist with copy editing and revising other marketing materials.

g. Work with the marketing team to improve the company’s name brand recognition, web traffic, and social media presence.


• Have marketing or other relevant experience at a major retailer or ecommerce platform.

• Must be willing to arrange time to have online meetings with the Chinese team. • Must be willing to work with a diverse and international team.

• Must be driven, a self-starter, and proactive.

• Must have a collaborative demeanor, the ability to seek help when needed, admit mistakes, and be willing to learn. Must be honest, trustworthy, and hardworking.

• Must be able to think quickly, exhibit professional and polite etiquette and communicate effectively.

• Mother tongue must be English. Mandarin is a plus. Other languages, such as fluent German, French, Spanish or Italian, are also advantages.

• Must have a bachelor’s degree or higher, preferably marketing related

We offer CalSavers  and additional business insurance  

Contact me via wechat(18710725264) or emailling me (sijingchen@yaheetech.us) if you interest about this job .

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