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ShipSaving is an all-in-one shipping solution software company based in Rowland Heights, California, that was founded in 2018. During the year 2020, the company achieved a compound growth rate of 150 percent. We collaborate with USPS, DHL Express, UPS, and other companies to provide high-quality package delivery service to all types of e-commerce retailers. Whipsawing is fully customizable and tailored to your exact needs, regardless of the size of your business or the number of shipments. Orders, shipping, and inventory are all managed in one place. 

We're still in the early stages, and we'd love for YOU to become a part of our big family! 


- 积极管理新产品和现有产品/系统质量的各个方面,包括内部和外部测试、法规遵从性、客户反馈。 

- 领导大规模系统的测试,创建测试计划、测试用例,并推动质量保证流程的持续改进。 

- 为复杂系统开发测试、记录和协调手动和自动测试的部署。 

- 在整个开发和测试生命周期(包括需求收集和设计)中,与工程师、营销团队、财务团队和客户服务专业人员密切合作。 

- 就与规划、开发、实施和修改测试程序相关的技术问题向项目管理和开发团队咨询并提出建议。 

- 使用功能规范来计划、创建或签署测试计划、测试用例和自动化测试用例。 

- 提供定期、详细的项目进度状态报告,包括执行的测试用例、发现的错误和修复的错误。  


- 3-5 年以上在软件开发环境中担任软件 QA 工程师或测试员的经验 

- MySQL知识和强大的SQL查询编写能力 

- 有使用缺陷跟踪系统(如 JIRA 或同等系统)的经验。 

- 至少精通一门现代编程语言,例如Java 

- 拥有设计、维护和执行手动测试用例以完全覆盖产品功能的经验 

- 优秀的人际交往、书面和口头沟通技巧 

- 相关技术领域的学士学位或类似的同等经验 


- 具有使用 Selenium、Silk 等工具进行自动化测试的经验。  


- 时间为周一至周五 

- 健康保险/牙科保险/视力保险  

- 带薪休假/带薪病假/带薪假期  

- 支持H1B和F1学生签证 

- 员工折扣 



Position Responsibilities: 

- Actively managing all aspects of quality for new and existing products/systems, including internal and external testing, compliance with regulations, customer feedback.  

- Lead the testing of large-scale systems, create test plans, test cases, and drive continuous improvements to the quality assurance processes.  

- Develop tests, document and coordinate the deployment of manual and automated tests for complex systems.  

- Work closely with engineers, marketing team, financial team and customer service professionals throughout the development and testing life cycle, including the requirements gathering and design.  

- Consult with and advise project management and development teams on technical issues related to planning, developing, implementing, and modifying testing procedures.  

- Use functional specifications to plan, create, or sign-off on test plans, test cases, and automated test cases. - Provide regular, detailed status report on project progress, including test cases executed, bugs discovered, and bugs fixed. 


Basic Qualifications 

-3-5 years of experience as a Software QA engineer or tester in software development environments 

-MySQL knowledge and strong SQL query writing skills 

-Experience using defect tracking systems such as JIRA or equivalent. 

-Proficiency in, at least, one modern programming language such as Java 

-Experience designing, maintaining, and executing manual test cases to fully cover product functionality 

-Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills 

-Bachelor's degree in relevant technical field OR similar equivalent experience 


Nice to have 

-Experience in test automation using tools like Selenium, Silk, etc . 


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