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EasyFind Internship program

EasyFind Internship program: EasyFind Internship is a pre-professional experience whereby individuals get the required experience to get hired in a career field of interest. By completing EasyFind internship, Interns will develop the knowledge and skills employers seek in this competitive job market. EasyFind educational and training curriculum designed with goals: providing students/young adults technical skills in information technology; developing professional skills and habits.


EasyFind实习课程是通过实习所累计职业所需的经验,以便以后在感兴趣的职业领域更易受雇。 通过完成EasyFind实习课程,实习生将学到在竞争激烈的就业市场中/雇主所寻求的知识和技能。也会通过实习学到更多的专业知识与技巧。 EasyFind教育性实习项目其目标是:向学生/年轻人提供信息技术技能; 培养专业技能和习惯。

About EasyFind:

EasyFind is a company founded on credibility and trust which provides comprehensive information and services to international students worldwide. The company has eight departments, and it leverages the excellent local resources in USA to provide comprehensive services in life, law, education, and medical support for students studying in USA, as well as to connect resources in internships, employment, entrepreneurship, immigration, financial investment. EasyFind has been recognized and supported by the governments of China, the United States and Puerto Rico, various enterprises, organizations and civil society. It provides promising development opportunities and resources for local students in US as well as international students from all over the world.

Meanwhile, EasyFind has reached a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with US Overseas Student Union. The Union has established 14 sub-associations respectively, each of which has united students from their own province. Besides, the Union regularly holds offline activities to unite international students from China and abroad.


EasyFind是一家建立在信誉和信任基础上的公司,为全球的国际学生提供全面的信息和服务。该公司有八个部门,并利用美国的优质本地资源为在美国学习的学生提供生活,法律,教育和医疗支持方面的全面服务,同时也在在实习,就业,移民,金融投资上有丰富的资源。 EasyFind得到了中国,美国和波多黎各政府,各种企业,组织和民间社会的认可和支持。它为美国本地学生以及来自世界各地的国际学生提供了广阔的发展机会和资源。同时,EasyFind与美国海外学生会建立了长期的战略合作关系。联盟分别建立了14个子协会,每个协会都联合了来自本省的学生。此外,联盟定期举行线下活动,团结来自中国和国外的国际学生。

Jobs Opening开放职位:

Digital Media Operations Intern 新媒体运营

Job Description

We are looking for an intern to help create impactful social media campaigns. You will support Easyfind owned digital media channels; interacting with many departments (Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Film); assisting with content discovery, scheduling, and planning.  Work with the digital media department leads to create engaging content that will be used across all owned social platforms. This can include concepting and creating original content as well as editing existing content, video, and images to create new social offerings.



 Our expectation/ We are looking for我们的期望: 

  • Positive attitude and eagerness to learn


  • Initiative in the workplace


  • Critical thinking


  • Completing work Independently


  • Assisting staff members


  • Strong working capabilities in Microsoft Office programs, research tools, and digital media            


  • Strong working capabilities in Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Sheets


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


Benefits of working at EasyFind在易咨范工作的福利:

  • Learning from the best from our various departments with our exporters


  • Accessing different resource and network


  • More responsibility and opportunities


  • Full access to a “start-up company” and your work will always be recognized


  • Free consolation; Legal, Study abroad, and many more


  • An internship certificate once you complete the Internship (recommendation letter, feedback from your direct manager)


Developing your full potential with us at EasyFind, See you soon! 

Proffered Language: Chinese Mandarin 


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