e-Commerce internship ( Remote) ( Paid internship)

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Opportunity to work with multi-million dollar global brands through Revenue Optimization. Including: Shark Tank brands, Discovery Store (Shark Week, Gold Rush, Deadliest Catch, Animal Planet, Diesel Brothers), MotorTrend and many more!

Start date: 06/17/2020(flexible)Duration: 53 Weeks
Paid Internship$1,000 - $2,000/mo15 - 25 hrs/wkDescription

This position is for a full one year internship. We are looking to hire an intern with a basic understanding of e-commerce. They can expect to learn all aspects of the e-commerce field. They should also expect the opportunity to collaborate with top-earning e-commerce based companies that specialize in a wide variety of niches. The intern would be responsible for a vast array of duties like maintaining positive and friendly working relationships with clients, analyzing Google Analytics data, analyzing Lucky Orange data, and launching A/B split tests. It is absolutely essential that applicants to this position have excellent communication skills, discipline in setting their own hours, demonstrate creativity, understand the importance of attending to even the smallest details, and have the drive to deliver a world class experience to clientele.

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Applicants should be (but do not have to be) business majors, with basic understandings of Shopify and e-commerce. Possess strong analytic skills, demonstrate creativity, have the discipline to work alone, and have the ability to work in teams. They must also have a can-do attitude, focus, attention to detail, ability to handle failure and still be enthusiastic about continuing trying new things, discipline in setting their own hours, and a willingness to learn. 


All business majors are welcome, such as—but not limited to—accounting, marketing, economics, sales, supply chain management, internet marketing, operations management, finance, entrepreneurship, project management, international business, and statistics. 

Interested, but not sure that you’re qualified? 

We don’t expect every applicant to have a formidable background. Actually, many of our highest-performing Revenue Optimizers were highly talented individuals who just needed a little guidance. Our team prides itself on providing real results, and if you can do that, then you belong here. If you don’t feel that you’re qualified, we ask that you please complete our application form anyway. We are very experienced in recognizing revenue optimization talent, and at the very least, your application will reveal the skills that you still need to acquire.

NOTE: All applicants must provide email address with application to be considered.

About Build Grow Scale

Build Grow Scale, LLC is an industry leader in Revenue Optimization and conversion. We have pioneered a new way of helping e-commerce brands rapidly grow their businesses, with systems and processes that have generated over $400 million in sales for our partners and clients. We've worked with multi-million dollar global brands, including: Shark Tank brands, Discovery Store (Shark Week, Gold Rush, Deadliest Catch, Animal Planet, Diesel Brothers), MotorTrend and many more!


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