Bioinformatics Intern - DNA Sequencing

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Thermo Fisher ScientificSouth San Francisco, CA
Paid Internship


**SUMMARY OF INTERNSHIP** The Bioinformatics Scientist Internship position provides an opportunity for graduate students who are currently pursuing a computational biology, computer science, bioinformatics, biostatistics or similar degree to get hands on experience working with scientists and engineers in multi-disciplinary research and development environment. The successful candidate will be part of a multi-disciplinary team responsible for developing and launching cutting edge next-generation sequencing data (NGS) applications for Ion Torrent Sequencing instruments to advance genomic research in oncology and personalized medicine, pharmacogenomics, metagenomics, Immuno-Oncology and other applications. We're seeking a skilled individual with strong motivation to analyze data, build models, algorithms, and software for analysis of NGS data. The successful candidate will support development of Oncology NGS applications and will prototype, adopt, improve, develop, optimize and validate algorithms and analysis software to analyze DNA/RNA as well as cell free DNA (cfDNA) sequencing data for detection of gene fusions, exon deletions and other structural variants in research samples. The position is based in South San Francisco, CA and is part of the Bioinformatics team within the Clinical Next Generation Sequencing Division. The mission of this business unit is to develop next-generation sequencing based solutions to support research applications in oncology and other important unmet medical needs. THE POSITION STARTS IN JUNE, PAID WORKING 40 HOURS PER WEEK THROUGH AUGUST. **ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS** - Your primary responsibility is contributing to development and validation of state of the art bioinformatics methods and algorithms for Targeted sequencing data analysis used in research and clinical research settings worldwide. - You will work on implementing and developing bioinformatics applications of next generation sequencing, including some of the following: detection of known gene fusions, and detection of novel gene fusions, as well as single nucleotide and copy number variation (SNVs and CNVs) - Communicate your work to colleagues, share your findings, and work with your team to plan and analyze experiments - Familiarize with production software, and develop tools to facilitate bioinformatics applications - Work under the close supervision of Bioinformatics Scientists and managers.


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