Extreme Blue Technical Leadership Program: Product Management Intern (IBM paid internship)

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Introduction The Extreme Blue internship experience combines great talent and cutting edge technology to drive innovation. Through the program, EB'ers have filed over 600 patent disclosures, helping to create solutions for clients and bring-to-market the next generation of IBM products. Your Role and Responsibilities START AND END DATES FOR THIS INTERNSHIP ARE DURING SUMMER 2021 (3 MONTHS) Extreme Blue (EB) teams are like mini-businesses that must solve a problem or create a solution for a client. EB program members work in small project teams that include business and technical students, along with IBM mentors. Each Extreme Blue team is part of a larger lab environment that includes multiple program teams and a dedicated senior staff. This combination creates a team dynamic that fosters collaboration and helps EB'ers create both a business and technical case for a project while setting goals to ensure the end deliverable is "extreme" enough to survive a competitive marketplace. Extreme Blue program members act as product managers for their projects, working to align customer needs with product development, while researching the market and preparing a go-to-market strategy for their project. Candidates must have proven skills in - Business concept innovation - Effective application of market and competitive analysis research and business plan development - Demonstrated ability to work business issues in a highly dynamic, technology based environment - History of personal initiatives for exploring technology, illustrated by a clear understanding of Information Technology business trends - Participation in a new product development initiative - Significant contribution in a team based environment, both as a team player and a leader - Demonstrated creativity. IBM Extreme Blue offers a world of opportunity with unlimited challenges and endless possibilities to start something big. The Extreme Blue Technical Leadership Program recruits creative, passionate, and highly skilled and experienced Computer Science (CS) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) students to work on innovative projects. These are office based positions in IBM locations including the following. Opportunities in these locations will vary based on demand & will be deleted as filled: Austin, TX Raleigh / Durham, NC Emeryville, CA San Jose, CA Yokrtown Heights, NY

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