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Assists in the analysis, conduct of studies, design, and implementation of data systems which can be processed by computers, under close supervision.

Positions allocable to this class assist higher level analysts and carry out tasks of increasing difficulty in the performance of systems analysis and design. Work is performed within a limited framework in which systems proposals and statements of requirements are furnished with specific information regarding the objectives of the system including the nature and purpose of the principal work products desired, suggested work cycles and schedules, and listings of the principal organizations that supply or utilize the information involved. The work to be automated represents fairly common systems analysis and design problems in which the subject matter is readily understandable, the actions and transactions are generally straightforward, and each group of transactions is relatively independent of others covered by the system. Further, Information Systems Analyst Aids assist in the work on systems which require the translation of existing work methods and actions directly into computer media and involve the selection and adaptation of system features that have been tested and used in directly comparable situations. The information necessary to the development of the system is readily available from such sources as basic government regulations, existing procedures, manuals, forms, and action documents; files of existing computer applications; subject matter specialists; and discussions with system users.


Assists in analyzing and designing existing and proposed data processing systems which can be programmed and processed by computers, including conducting studies to determine the nature of the problems connected with automated work processes.

Assists in analyzing user's requirements as stated in order to define more exactly what is needed, ascertaining if sufficient information is available, identifying possible combinations of information or conditions which can affect the system or programming requirements.

Assists in conducting preliminary feasibility studies to advise whether the desired end product can be produced by the computer equipment available.

Assists in identifying the kind of records, files, and documents which are necessary to accomplish the substantive work by computer means.

Assists in performing systems maintenance work in light of changes in legislation, regulations, or other basic requirements.

Assists in developing overall plans to carry out the required processing which indicates what is to be done, by both computers and humans, at each stage in the processing of data.

Assists in preparing related forms, procedures, rules and instructions to govern the development, transmission, and use of data necessary to achieve the desired work products.

Assists in checking proposed plans, instructions, and procedures with users to insure systems devised are acceptable to them, making necessary adjustments to meet or remedy any omissions or deficiencies.

Assists in coordinating the development of test problems and conditions to insure the adequacy of all manual and machine processes included in the system.

Assists in charting or documenting the system in the degree of detail required for presentation to management and for programming; participating in trial runs of new or revised systems; and suggesting modifications of systems and programs to correct deficiencies involved.

Assists in outlining for programmers the actions to be accomplished by the computer including specifications of the overall program structure in terms of component segments, sub-applications, modules or machine runs; how these work together to produce the desired end product; and how these differ from actions to be performed by employees.

May install, maintain, and troubleshoot information technology devices including personal computers, video display terminals, printers, cabling and other hardware.



One year's experience assisting technical personnel in performing work related to the planning, adaptation, and implementation of computerized systems at the level of Los Angeles County's class of Senior Systems Aid -OR- Completion of an approved one year training program designed to qualify the employee for Information Systems Analyst Aid -OR- Graduation from an accredited college, within the last three years, with a Bachelor of Science degree in data processing, computer science, information technology or a closely related field.

A valid California Class C Driver License is required for appointment to some positions in this class.

2 - Light.