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Atosa Catering Equipment Inc



Multimedia Designer

General Job Description

Atosa Catering Equipment is looking for an experienced and talented Multimedia Designer. In this role, you’ll be responsible for communicating strategic goals and a creative vision into actionable design solutions. You will translate brand strategy and creative vision into highly compelling, original, and defining work that advances the company’s brand. The desired candidate will need be an accomplished visual designer and brand-builder with demonstrated skills and interest in branding, design, and mapping creative deliverables to business strategy. Areas of work may include, but not limited to: branding, graphics, communications, interactive, research/strategic, animation or motion graphics, video shoots and editing. Be able to manage the workflow on creative projects to ensure timely production

***MUST HAVE a portfolio showcasing video, animation/motion samples


Independently conceptualizes complex designs for any type of media project.

Help take our brand to the next level by ensuring that all creative deliverables uphold our brand standards and strategy.

Create complex animated graphics and infographics, kinetic typography and video pre/postproduction

Maintain up-to-date knowledge about latest design and video techniques

Present design concepts/storyboards to internal clients and at times senior level management

Edit raw video footage and add effects/elements (audio, video, colors, animation) to enhance video and motion graphics

Provides professional graphic arts, graphic design, graphic editing, document printing, audio/video support, and specialized multimedia support, as needed, in the design, development, maintenance, and updating of all graphic arts, multimedia, and training materials

Coordinate final products and disseminate finished products as required. Production and dissemination is primarily in softcopy. All work shall be tracked and completed within established timelines.

Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned. This job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities and activities may change at any time with or without notice

Skill Requirements

Good organizational skills and strong judgment.

Self-starter who is able to handle tasks with limited supervision.

Strong understanding of post-production workflow and the latest production technology

Ability to present ideas and solutions through effective communication

Experience in system applications, database designs, database programming, and networking skills.

Well-versed in video editing software: Final Cut, Premier Pro and After Effects.

Advanced knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite, including Illustrator and Photoshop

Excellent project management skills with the ability to manage multiple projects, priorities, schedules, and deliverables 

Experience with video and audio editing software such as Adobe Premiere and Flash Video Encoder.

Ability to incorporate audio, video, graphics, and textual data to create highly advanced presentations

Video Production: Extended Knowledge working and teaching of HD Video Production using After Effects and Final Cut Pro. This includes filming, editing, post production and animation, including special effects, web streaming/authoring and compression. Knowledge of various compression schemes.

Extensive experience with commercial publishing applications including: Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML5, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, and structured authoring software.

Minimum Experience Required

Education: Bachelor' s degree in design or film or a visual-arts-related field

Job Field: Minimum of 2 years professional design experience with a focus on motion graphics.


工作地点 : Brea, CA

工作简述: Atosa餐饮设备公司正在寻找经验丰富,才华横溢的多媒体设计师。担任此职务时,您将负责将战略目标和创意愿景传达到可行的设计解决方案中。您将把品牌战略和创意眼光转化为高度引人注目的原创作品,并通过定义工作来提升公司的品牌效应。理想的人选将是一位出色的视觉设计师和品牌建立者,其在品牌,设计以及将创意交付品映射到业务战略方面表现出娴熟的技能和兴趣。 工作领域可能包括但不限于:品牌,图形,传播,互动,研究/策略,动画或动态图形,视频拍摄和编辑。能够管理创意项目的工作流程,以确保及时生产。 

















•精通视频编辑软件:Final Cut,Premier Pro和After Effects。

•Adobe Creative Suite的高级知识,包括Illustrator和Photoshop


•具有视频和音频编辑软件(如Adobe Premiere和Flash Video Encoder)的经验。


•视频制作:使用After Effects和Final Cut Pro进行高清视频制作的扩展知识工作和教学。这包括拍摄,编辑,后期制作和动画,包括特效,网络流/创作和压缩。了解各种压缩方案。

•具有广泛的商业发布应用程序经验,包括:Adobe Flash,Adobe Flex,HTML5,Microsoft Internet Explorer,Microsoft Office和结构化创作软件。




Please email your resume to: hr@atosausa.com

(909) 595-2688


Atosa Catering Equipment Inc
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