Kinggreen Extraction Equipment诚聘销售英才!

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Kinggreen Extraction Equipment Inc. 

KINGGREEN is looking for talents:

1. 5 Full-time sales managers, responsible for market expansion and market development (understanding mechanical technology is preferred);

2. 1Engineering managers, familiar with the fields: mechanical equipment or food engineering, biological engineering / chemical engineering or related technical fields;

3. Part-time sales of 5 (understanding mechanical technology is preferred).

Basic requirements: Fluent in Chinese and English. the marketing development ability strong! Those with relevant industry experience are preferred.

Budget: interview, favorably.

Age: 25-55 years old. No nationality required.

Welcome To Join Us!


Interested parties please send your resume to email: dathan99999@gmail.com 


Company Profile:

KINGGEEN company specializes in sales: plant extraction equipment (CBD equipment), CO2 extraction equipment, plant essence concentration equipment, plant alcohol extraction equipment, while providing biopharmaceutical equipment, food and beverage machinery, stainless steel tank containers, stainless steel non-standard equipment customization, sanitary grade Pumps, valve fittings, and other products are widely incorporated into industrial manufacturing fields ,such as biopharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and alcohol etc.Industrial manufacturing field.




Kinggreen Extraction Equipment Inc.


1. 专职销售经理5, 负责市场拓展与市场开发(懂技术优先);

2. 工程经理1, 需熟悉领域: 机械设备或食品工程/生物工程/化学工程或相关技术领域;

3. 兼职销售5(需懂技术).

基本要求: 有美国合法身份, 本科以上学历,流利中英文语言沟通能力;熟悉或具备生物丶化工工程或食品工程及机械类专业知识。(具有相关行业工作经验者优先录用。 )



KINGGEEN公司专业销售: 植物萃取设备(CBD设备), CO2萃取设备, 植物精华浓缩设备, 植物酒精提取设备, 同时提供生物制药设备, 食品饮料机械, 不锈钢罐类容器,不锈钢非标设备定制,卫生级泵浦,阀门管件等产品,广泛应用于生物制药,食品饮料,酒类等工业制造领域.


Email: dathan99999@Gmail.com