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We are looking for an experienced and creative Video Editor to join our team! As a Video Editor at our

company, you will be responsible for capturing, editing, and producing photos and videos for internal

and external purposes. As video has become the best way for communicating company's messages on

online platforms, your position will play an important role in our company's success.

Video Editor job description:

 Capture studio-quality photographs and video

 Work both on and off-site

 Manage and oversee all technical aspects of video recording and editing

 Work with our creative teammates

 Regularly collaborate with marketing team

 Follow the company's brand guidelines

 Present to senior management

 Develop an overall video brand messaging strategy

Video Editor Job Qualifications:

 Bachelor's degree in film editing or related degree is required

 Professional mastery of video and audio editing software and programs

 Ability to multitask and work toward several milestones on various projects simultaneously

 Creative experience in filmmaking and videography

 Ability to understand the desired outcome of a project when meeting with clients and the ability

to bring them to life

 Experience editing various video projects and inserting sound effects, music and transitions

 Proficient in creating concept boards and other visual representations of planned edits for video


 Excellent communication skills are required to have a solid understanding of project scope and


 Ability to collaborate well with other creative professionals to supply clients with top-notch

finalized products.

Contact Information:

• Email: easyfind888@gmail.com

• Web: www.easyfind8.com

• Address: 630 W Duarte Rd #305, Arcadia, CA 91007

Easyfind Company is the first comprehensive information service platform that provides membership to

international students in the United States. Established in October 2017, the “Membership System “of

Easyfind Company attracts and encourages students from all over the world who are studying in the

United States to actively participate in the platform. Easyfind provides supportive service in the form of

“student” service “international students”, including basic life, law, education, medication, social

practice, and resource docking in internship, employment, entrepreneurship, immigration, investment

and finance, which has built a variety of convenient and reliable channels for international students! At

the same time, Easyfind has been recognized and supported by governments at all levels in China and

the United States and Puerto Rico, as well as various community organizations, enterprises, cultural and

educational institutions, and civil society organizations.



























•地址:630 W Duarte Rd#305,阿卡迪亚,CA 91007

Easyfind Company是第一个为美国的国际学生提供会员资格的综合信息服务平台。 Easyfind公司的“







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