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Location: Culver City, CA 
The Prime Video Finance team is looking for a Financial Analyst to support our 3P content acquisition team here in LA. This is a unique finance opportunity in that it involves: driving strategic initiatives, live deal support, and foundational FP&A work. As such, it is ideal for a someone who is both passionate about video entertainment and wants to have a high impact role. 
The right individual will have a proven track record of leveraging data to influence critical business decisions, working quickly and autonomously, and utilizing effective verbal written communication skills. 
Responsibilities include:
• Work cross functionally, with teams ranging from finance, content acquisition, analytics, marketing, and accounting - all of whom sit across the globe. 
• Support the design, implementation and maintenance of new mechanisms/processes that help us answer “where should we invest next?” 
•Triangulate a diverse set of signals to provide insights as to what content will delight our customers, and thereby we should go out and license. 
•Collect, review, and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data to report how content is performing on our service today. 
•Serve as the main FP&A contact for licensed content, with high levels of visibility to senior leadership. 
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