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Atosa Catering Equipment Inc



Human Resources Manager

Job Location: Brea, CA 

General Job Description: 

Provides full cycle human resources support to offices across the United States. Will manage and execute a broad range of HR initiatives including talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management, learning & development, HR analytics, and payroll & benefits. Leads major human resources projects, advises on HR policies and procedures, addresses moderately complex HR inquiries, and guides the development of HR documents. Requires deep knowledge and developed technical expertise in the Human Resource discipline. Must be extremely detail-oriented, responsible, strong communicator, a good listener and must maintain a high level of integrity, confidentiality, and responsibility. Typically reports to Director of Operations. Has attained full proficiency in a specific area of discipline. Works under minimal supervision.


Talent Acquisition/Management: Champions talent management in the organization to ensure improved attraction, retention and development of employees. Creates and supports proactive employee engagement/ development programs that will increase retention and reduce turnover. Assists with recruitment efforts, conduct background checks of employees being recruited, process onboarding documentation and assist new hires assimilate to the team.

Employee Conflict Resolution: Manages resolution of employee issues including sensitive or urgent employee relations matters. Coaches supervisors and managers on how to effectively address internal employee relations issues. Strives to effectively solve problems for the mutual benefit of the company and its associates achieving effective conflict resolution. Receives and responds to employment-related claims or complaints and conducts investigation to determine facts and recommend an appropriate solution.

Culture Development: Drives effective implementation of the performance management processes to build a culture of effective coaching between managers and employees. Maintains a strong commitment to continuous company culture development and sustaining the business. Builds and maintains credibility and strong relationships with employees at all levels. Creates a positive employee relations atmosphere.

Employee Records: Manages the entire personnel filing. Manages employee data in HRIS and communicate any updates with relevant internal and external teams. Paperless tracking of all employee data, files, and records in HRIS system. Ensures compliance with all legal recordkeeping requirements. 

Policies & Procedures: Partners with upper management and legal team on a broad range of human resource policies, programs, and compliance to ensure our handbook and policies are compliant with current local and federal laws and regulation. Administers HR policies and programs to ensure compliance in employee relations, staffing, recruitment, and termination, training and development, benefits, compensation, time and attendance record-keeping, and personnel records administration.

Benefits Administration: Administers and implements all company benefits and benefit programs. Assists in the explanation of available benefits for new hires, aiding in enrollment process for new hires. Ensure timely completion and submission of employee insurance applications. Administers and monitors leave of absence documentation and activity. Track and process employee time off, vacation and sick time. Annually reviews benefit plans to ensure best package is selected.

Payroll: Responsible for processing bi-weekly payroll in Paylocity software for approx. 150 employees. Audit timecards from timekeeping system to ensure no missing punches, skipped meal or rest breaks, or unauthorized overtime. Enters new hires, terminations, deductions, garnishments and child support orders, and payroll adjustments. Oversees compensation structure to ensure compliance with company budget as well as fairness amongst employees.

Safety Training /Injury & Accidents: Works with Safety & Training Manager to address any health and safety issues in the workplace, manage workers compensation cases, record and track employee injury data as required by OSHA, and ensure that proper training is conducted for all employees. Enforce company safety policies and provide claims administration for workers compensation injuries. Implements required management and staff harassment training.

Off boarding: Instructs managers on disciplinary procedures and properly documenting all the steps leading to the termination of an employee. Carefully drafts exit documentation and ensures legal compliance throughout employee exit process.

Miscellaneous: Collaborates with leadership to implement HR programs focused on accomplishing targeted HR objectives. Work cross-functionally to ensure organizational needs are being met. Additional responsibilities as assigned based on business requirements.

Skill Requirements:

Comfortable working in a fast paced environment and working through ambiguity.

Experience supporting distributed teams across different geographies.

Highly confidential and possesses ability to create, follow, and enforce human resource protocols, policies and procedures.

Comprehensive knowledge of federal, state, and local employment practices, laws and regulations (including knowledge of wage and hour laws).

Proficient with MS office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel) and HRIS.

Strong organizational skills with strong attention to detail and ability to follow through.

Outstanding written and verbal communication skills; must be an articulate and persuasive communicator.

Demonstrated expertise training and coaching managers and employees.

Good judgement and ability to exercise discretion.

Customer service mindset

Minimum Experience Required:

Education: BS degree in Human Resources, Business Management, or related field.

Job Field: 5+ years of experience in Human Resources role, including 3+ years of management responsibility.


工作地点 : Brea, CA

工作简述: 为全美国的办事处提供全周期的人力资源协助与支持。将管理和执行各种人力资源计划,包括人才培养,员工关系,绩效管理,学习与发展,人力资源分析以及薪资和福利。领导重大的人力资源项目,为人力资源政策和程序提供建议,处理适度复杂的人力资源查询,并指导人力资源文件的开发。在人力资源方面需要深厚的知识和专业的技术专长。必须要非常注重细节,负责任,善于沟通,善于倾听,并且必须保持高度的职业道德,机密性和责任感。一般会向运营总监汇报工作。时刻保持专业的工作能力与心态。





•员工记录:管理整个人员档案。在HRIS中管理员工数据,并与内部和外部相关团队交流任何更新。 HRIS系统中所有员工数据,文件和记录的无纸化跟踪。确保符合所有法律记录保存要求。












•熟练使用MS Office(PowerPoint,Word,Excel)和HRIS。


•出色的书面和口头交流能力; 必须是一个清晰而有说服力的沟通者。







Please email your resume to hr@atosausa.com

(909) 595-2688


Atosa Catering Equipment Inc
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