Data Engineering Intern

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Data Engineering Intern Perfect Price

Click to apply San Francisco, CA Perfect Price is changing how companies sell, by bringing artificial intelligence to pricing. Our software suite solves pricing challenges faced by companies in many industries, and we are solving the challenges of the use of AI to manage everyday aspects of business. For example we enable dynamic pricing like Uber or Lyft, but at a fraction of the cost to set up and time to implement. Our rapid growth demands adding another talented professional to our team. We're looking to train interns on some of the most challenging data processing problems in the world. This position is the intern version of our Data Engineering position. We expect it requires having completed most of an undergraduate computer science (or equivalent) degree, and it is unlikely a 1st or 2nd year undergraduate could handle the work. You'll be learning directly from our cofounder/CTO. The position is a full time in our San Francisco office. It may be possible to switch to part time but only after doing a full quarter/semester full time internship. Responsibilities * Learning how to build and maintain an ETL pipeline for scalability and stability. * Building, maintaining and improving the modeling infrastructure using cutting edge tools including: Hadoop, PIG, Kafka, Flume, Ssamza, Zookeeper, PySpark, Elasticsearch, Python, Django * Supporting data analysis, mathematical modeling, machine learning and data mining for price testing and its optimization * Reviewing the code of engineers and others team members * Explore and employ external data sets, finding them, adding them to the system, adjusting and reformatting/cleaning up so that they can be consumed by our infrastructure. Developing models and machine-based understanding of interactions between external datasets and client data. * This role reports to the cofounder and CTO, who previously trained engineers at Microsoft, Twitter and Drawbridge. Requirements * Completed majority of coursework in Computer Science/Engineering/Physics undergraduate program and possibly 1st year Masters' program * Ideally, possess Masters or PhD in Computer Science/Engineering/Physics or related fields * Relevant work either in formal, large scale academic projects or during other internships in industry What you'll be prepared for after this internship * Work at a top-tier startup, like ours or one of the ones you read about in Tech Crunch * Work at a top-tier tech company like Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc. * If you can make the cut, you'll be committing code to production on very large datasets and complex data science questions. * Opportunities are available to do front end or other non-data science work. * Coding interviews, because you'll have to get through them to get the internship :)


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