Graphic Designer (with 2 years + exp)

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Graphic Designer (with 2 years + exp)


Job Title: Graphic Designer


Company Profile:


Company based in San Gabriel, established for many years doing design, printing, photograph and other services. Now company is growing incredibly fast and open graphic designer position for Chinese/English talent due to large amount of Chinese customs.


This is an entry level designer job, and also a very good opportunity to learn how to create compelling branding designs for all kinds of customs as well as how to use all kinds of printing material and devices from an effective and experienced team.


Ideal candidate will have ability to work both creatively and effectively, due to large amount of customs, in order to meet the deadline, won’t have so much time to spend on a single project.


Job Requirements:


· Excellent communication skill, able to understand customer’s requirements effectively

· Always pay attention to the detail

· Excellent with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other design software

· Able to do multitasks and work both independently and quickly

· Familiar with Chinese font both simplified and traditional

· At least 2+ yeas experience


About us:


We are Aplus-recruiting agency; a bilingual talent recruiting agency that directly represents Los Angeles merchants for job hiring, providing applicants with the opportunity to interview as quickly as possible and helping applicants find jobs that meet their needs. Also, we also services applicants to help them find the best fit company that they desire.


If you have other needs, you can contact us directly. We have a large number of partners and databases. We would be glad to help you or your company find the best match company or employee. Thank you.



Director of Recruiting at A Plus Recruiting



M: 626.820.3036


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