高薪招聘OEM Sales Engineer

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Job Description: The Sales Engineer expands the Company’s reach through acquisition of new clients and business. The Sales Engineer actively identifies, pursues and engages in building relationships with current and new clients. A Sales Engineer must have LED industry and market knowledge and be able to effectively communicate the Company’s brand and product value in such a way as to elicit a favorable reaction from target customer.

Essential Functions:

· Meets sales revenue target for specific region.

· Fosters and develops relationships with current and potential clients, as well as vendors.

· Assist with getting clients and vendors to participate in ACE trainings.

· Must have excellent communication skills, and the ability to build rapport quickly.

· Must be persistent and disciplined in all work.

· Able to handle fast pace and high volume of activity.

· Must have technical skills, and ability to understand LED products and parts.

· Has great presentation skills, and can effectively sell the product to a customer through presentations, tours, and showing them the product.

· Makes regular phone calls and emails to current customers to keep in touch with them, as well as contacting potential clients and vendors.

· Expand base and bring in new clients.

· Travels as needed to meet with current and potential clients.

· Travels as needed to China headquarters.

· Travels as needed to attend tradeshows, trainings, conferences, and other company events.

· Identify potential new markets and customers and their needs.

· Makes accurate sales calculations and sales quotations of current prices.

· Attends tradeshows, trainings, conferences and events to promote the company, network and bring in new clients.

· Keeps record of sales orders.

· Reports to, and works with corresponding Senior Sales Engineer and Territory Sales Manger.

· Works with Customer Service department to help facilitate DEMO Requests.

· Works with Warehouse department to ensure products are shipped to clients on time.

· Maintains professionalism, diplomacy, sensitivity, and tact to portray the company in a positive manner.

· Prepares reports for sales and maintains expense accounts.

· Updates and maintains accounts of customers including contact names and numbers for future sales.

· Follows up with clients on orders, payments and delivery. Track the process from start to finish.

· Preforms all other duties assigned to them of which the employee is capable of preforming.



· Excellent written and verbal communication skills

· Ability to give compelling sales pitches

· Excellent presentation skills

· Ability to relate to, and effectively communicate professionally with all levels of resources (i.e. Senior Management, colleagues, contingent workers, clients, vendors, etc.)

· Ability to work under pressure and meet aggressive deadlines

· Must have expert knowledge on all Absen products

· Positive and upbeat attitude

· Ability to take initiative and seek out new business

· Ability to maintain and develop relationships with current clients

· Ability to build rapport quickly

· Ability to identify wants and needs of target customers

· Legally authorized to work in the U.S.


Physical Requirements:

· Must be able to lift, up to 20lbs consecutively


Education & Experience Requirements:

· Must have a Bachelors’ degree, Engineering degree preferred

· Must have minimum 2 years’ experience with AV/LED


Work Location:

· Orlando office and warehouse

· SZ Headquarters

· May be required to work overtime and flexible hours on an as needed basis

· May be required to travel throughout the year for business meetings, tradeshows, trainings, demos, and other business-related events

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