2019申请人数最多的Summer Intern Program!即将截止!

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Job Title: 2019 Summer Internship Program

Study Discipline: Business/Commerce, Finance (Accounting), Marketing, HR,  Actuarial Studies, Statistics & Data Analytics

Location: Accepting applicants America-wide

We’re looking for passionate early career professionals committed to a future that is connected and collaborative, ready for a unique and meaningful career with us, in our digital transformation of energy management and automation. If you are studying a master or bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance and Marketing disciplines we would love to hear from you.


The Summer Internship Program

The Summer Internship Program is designed for students from either a technical and commercial background. On the program you will be fast-tracked into high performing teams to have an exciting, attractive and diverse start to your career. Here you will gain exposure to Industry and be supported to learn all the skills that you will need to have a meaningful career.


We hire interns from a diverse range of technical and commercial backgrounds, and offer a wide range of career paths including:


Industrial/Manufacturing: Run production processes that prioritize workplace safety while optimizing results for customers


General management: Drive long-term strategies which boost our growth


Marketing: Enable our customers to see the possibilities of a company


Accountant/Financial assistant: Fulfill senior' requirements and independently run the daily work

Send your resume to  lann95066@gmail.com

For further information, welcome to contact us:

wechat: ecarecareers21

(046) 842-9194