招聘全职进出口操作OP, (SANTA FE SPING地区)

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Title: Import operator

Location: Santa Fe springs CA 90670

Working schedule: MON-FRI; 8AM-5PM

Job Type: Full-time

招聘全职进出口操作OP, SANTA FE SPING地区)。 薪资高, 福利好, 需工卡, 合法报税, 需中英文说写流利, 思路清晰, 细心负责,岗位责任包括查询和跟踪货柜情况, 文件管理,安排司机等。所需技能:

       能够合法保税。

       熟悉Microsoft Office Suite, Quickbook 其他办公软件。

       高度积极和团队导向。

       精通中英双语。

       一年进口工作经验。

如果您对此职位感兴趣,请发送您的简历/求职信到  monica@longoaviation.com 或者致电 626-759-2518

Job Description

Title: Import Ocean operator

Our company is looking for a full-time experienced import Ocean operator to be responsible for handling ocean import shipments in our office. You will be handling checking daily import shipment with steamship line, as well as managing files, updating paperwork and other documents, arrange truckers. We provide good benefits package including sick leave, vacation, insurance and bonus etc.

Required Skills :

  • Familiar in Microsoft Office Suite, QuickBooks, and other office software.
  • Ability to work under limited supervision.
  • Highly motivated and team oriented.
  • English and Mandarin proficiency preferred.
  • Over one-year import experiences

Please send in your resume / cover letter to monica@longoaviation.com  or contact 626-759 2518 if you are interested in this position.

(626) 759-2518