[Intern/OPT]: 人力资源 Human Resources Assistant

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[Intern/OPT]: Human Resources Assistant

Easyfind Company gathers, selects and integrates high-quality local resources in the United States to form a professional, legal, healthcare, educational, financial and business elite team. 

Easyfind Company connects experienced and successful professionals with overseas students and individuals, providing them with the most reliable and useful information of services and products to help them from the aspects of the study, career planning, healthy lifestyle and ultimate success. Ultimately, Easyfind Company is building a trust ecosystem to provide the trusted services.

At the same time, Easyfind has been recognized and supported by governments at all levels in China, the United States and Puerto Rico, as well as various community organizations, enterprises, cultural and educational institutions, and civil society organizations.


This is an unpaid internship that may convert into a fulltime job in the future. It is a good opportunity for those who are still at school or who just graduated.

We offer OPT Sponsorship, intern 20hrs/week.

We offer a recommendation letter to those who perform well.

Here, you can

  • Cultivate communication skills, logical processing ability, independent work ability, public relations ability;

  • Expand thinking patterns, cultivate professional workplace habits;

  • Access to the latest studying abroad, law, finance, career and other resources;

  • Interact with the mayor of politics, business leaders, and outstanding student representatives to expand your network;

  • There are seniors to guide you the work in person.


  • Participate in recruiting events. Identify potential new applicants using various recruiting sources based on the needs of our team.

  • Help schedule interview and verify applicants that meet Companion Care's requirements.

  • Assist in performing new employee orientation and guide employees in completing all required paperwork.

  • Interact with the head of HR and Operations. Answer general questions and inquiries in all areas of human resources such as benefits, hiring and termination.

  • Develop, prepare and coordinate necessary personnel information and statistical data for reporting to external auditors, governmental agencies.

  • Stay up-to-date and comply with changes in labor legislation. Interpret the more straightforward policies and make recommendations.

  • Plan and direct activities related to administration of employee benefit programs. 

  • Research and complete special assignments and projects as required.


  • Bachelor's degree in human resource or related field.

  • Basic understanding of federal and state labor laws and regulations.

  • Strong organizational and time management skills.

  • Team player. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Ability to manage complex projects and multi-task. 

  • Ability to use the computer to retrieve data, prepare reports, meet tight deadlines and ensure accuracy with highly confidential materials. 

  • Proficient in Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

Contact Information:

  • Contact: Max

  • Phone: 4196852485; 6262786340

  • Wechat: SASCRW

  • Email: max@easyfind.org, easyfind888@gmail.com

  • Web: www.easyfind8.com

  • Address: 630 W Duarte Rd #305, Arcadia, CA 91007


易咨范信誉生态科技有限公司汇聚、筛选、整合美国当地优质资源,组建专业的法律、医疗、教育、 金融和商业精英团队。易咨范公司将经验丰富且成功的专业人士与在美生活的学生和个人连接起来,为他们提供最可靠,最实用的服务和产品信息,以此从学习,职业规划,健康生活方式和最终成功等方面来帮助他们。易咨范公司正在建立一个以信任为基础的生态系统,由此提供值得信赖的服务。同时易咨范也得到了中美两地及美属波多黎各各级政府,各类社区组织丶企业丶文教机构,和民间团体的认可与支持,为美国的本土学生和世界各国的留学生提供了广阔的发展空间和资源平台,引导同学们规划出自己的成功人生!凭借在中美社会各界的良好口碑与优质服务,易咨范在美国为主的北美地区迅速崛起,取得了傲人的成绩,已经成为北美最专业的留学生综合资讯服务平台之一,以及中美各类机构最信赖的合作伙伴。





培养交流沟通能力, 逻辑处理能力, 独立工作能力,公关能力;







  • 协助和参与招聘工作,基于公司需求从各大招聘网站寻找候选人

  • 帮助安排面试和初步筛选候选人

  • 协助进行新员工入职培训,并指导员工完成所有必需的文书工作

  • 与人力资源和运营负责人沟通,回答有关人力资源所有领域的一般性问题和询问,例如福利,雇用和解雇

  • 开发,准备和协调必要的人员信息和统计数据,以报告给外部审计师,政府机构

  • 持续跟进并遵守劳动法规的变化,更直接的解释策略并提出建议

  • 规划和指导与员工福利计划管理相关的活动

  • 根据需要研究并完成特殊任务和项目


  • 人力资源或相关领域本科及以上学历.

  • 对联邦和各州劳动法律法规有基本的了解

  • 良好的组织和时间规划能力

  • 具有团队精神,优秀的口头和书面沟通能力

  • 能够完成复杂的项目或多任务同时进行

  • 能够使用计算机检索数据,准备报告,按时完成任务并确保准确性和保密

  • 精通Word,Excel,Outlook和PowerPoint


  • 联系人:Max

  • 电话:4196852485,6262786340

  • 微信:SASCRW

  • 邮箱:easyfind888@gmail.com;max@easyfind.org

  • 网站:www.easyfind8.com

  • 地址:630 W Duarte Rd#305,阿卡迪亚,CA 91007


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