Database Analyst

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$7,316.00 - $8,888.00 Monthly

Location *PUSD District Offices: 351 S. Hudson Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91109, CA

CA 91109, CA

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Student Support Programs

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Closing date and time

5/31/2020 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada); Tijuana




Under the direction of the Assistant Superintendent of School Support Services and Manager of the Department of Mental Health, performs a variety of specialized functions to maintain and facilitate the computerized collection, management, manipulation and distribution of data used for analysis; coordinates various data submissions to local, regional, state, and federal agencies; establishes database proce­dures; performs hardware and software studies related to database file structure and volume requirements; provides technical assistance to users and data processing personnel regarding database design; conducts training and workshops; troubleshoots and diagnoses service problems; ensures accuracy of data and compliance with reporting requirements; generates routine and customized reports; and maintains security access.

The primary responsibility of an employee in this class is to oversee the hardware, software and data base to ensure its effective use.  Such duties entail an understanding of systems, pro­gramming, hardware, soft­ware, user needs, etc.  Therefore, an employee in this class must have good knowledge of technical con­cepts of computers, systems and the entire data processing field and be able to relate to the needs and problems of users, programming, systems and man­agement personnel. Additionally, employee must work with State and Federal data reporting requirements and timelines; reporting, querying, and data evaluation tools; legal requirements, organizations; correct English usage, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and punctuation; general specifically pertaining to student records confidentiality and reporting; technology related to electronic submission of data to the California Department of Education (CDE) and other CALPADS/SIS office functions, practices and procedures; and be proficient in the use of spreadsheets, database, word processing and/or office record keeping; data entry and correction on large database systems compiling complex reports.The class of Database Analyst is distinguished from the class of Systems Analyst in that the latter is a specialist in systems and is re­quired to have expertise in a lim­ited area.


Must attach the following documents to the online application or your application will be disqualified: 
  • Transcripts showing the completion of a Bachelor's Degree degree in Computer Science, information systems management or related field. (MUST ATTACH TRANSCRIPTS). 
    • If substituting additional experience for all or part of the required education, transcripts showing completion of 60 semester units or 90 quarter units in coursework in Computer Science or Information Systems Management, must be attached to the online application.
  • Valid California Class C Driver License
  • Proof of current automobile insurance
*Unit/Degree verification (including equivalency of foreign degrees) must be submitted with the online application as an attachment in the form of unofficial transcripts.  Equivalence of foreign degrees must have been reviewed and verified by a regionally accredited foreign degrees review agency.  
Please note: Resumes are not required and are not reviewed in lieu of your application; therefore, ensure your application is complete. 
*All required documents MUST be submitted electronically at the time your application is submitted.


Graduation with a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university with a major in computer science, information systems management or related fields is required.  Additional experience beyond that required may be substituted for two (2) years of the required educational requirement of sixty (60) semester units on the basis of one year of full-time experience being equal to thirty (30) semester units of college coursework in computer science or related field. A Master's degree from an accredited institution in computer science, information systems management or related fields is desirable.
Five (5) years of experience in business system analysis, technical analysis and/or educational applications. Two (2) years of the five must be in design, devel­opment and implementation of business applications data base. Experience in educational applications is desirable.
Equivalency Provision:  

Additional experience in business system analysis, technical analysis and/or educational applications may substitute for up to two (2) years of the education requirement on a year for year basis.
A valid Class C California Drivers' license and use of private or alternative means of transportation is required. Proof of automobile insurance is required.
Employees must be physically and mentally able to perform the essential duties of the position with or without reasonable accommodation and without hazard to themselves or others; must be able to lift equipment and materials up to fifty (fifty) pounds, crawl under buildings and under/around furniture, and use/climb ladders to reach high places.


Essential duties and responsibilities of position in this class include but are not limited to: 

  • Meeting federal, state, and local data requirements by monitoring, maintaining and updating various databases and associated programs
  • Researches, designs, and implements procedures to audit, certify, and publish student and staff information to local, regional, state, and federal agencies.
  • Plans, designs, orders, installs, configures, maintains and supports workstation hardware and software, system utilities, program development and data management tools including generation application generators.
  • Supports implementation and management of the district Learning Management System 
  • Configures, installs, maintains and ad­ministers data communications network
  • Installs and maintains work-station hardware and software at remote sites
  • Establishes basic concepts and procedures for database including de­sign, production schedules, program interface, security levels, programming standards, back-up, restart and recovery
  • Produces application and system software as needed
  • Codes Data Defi­nition Language statements for structuring the database
  • Prepares operation manuals for use of database; provides telephone and on-site support to users on decentralized database problems
  • Assists personnel to ensure maximum utilization of system resources
  • Responds to user in­quiries concerning operation and maintenance of computer equipment
  • Documents and re­ports problems to appropriate vendors;
  • Meets with management, vendors and user divisions to discuss needs, timelines, problems, changes and solutions
  • Works with employees in data cen­ter obtaining information and jointly developing solutions to mainframe software problem areas
  • Identifies problems in database usage and develops solutions 
  • Develops methods to maintain statistics on database usage
  • Studies trends and changes in database to determine impact on hardware and software
  • Provides hardware and software utilization reports
  • Re­views trends in data processing field to maintain currency and cost effectiveness
  • Makes bud­get recommendations
  • Determines product specifications for bid preparation
  • Supervises em­ployees responsible for processing computer input and output
  • Provides work direction and guidance to Data Processing Specialists or other personnel as assigned
  • Attends various meetings, conferences, and workshops to receive current information regarding technology, program compliance, and reporting requirements
  • Performs other related duties as required

Key Competencies:

Analysis and Problem Solving / Fact Finding / Decision Making / Math Skills / Reading Comprehension / Continuous Learning / Professional/Technical Expertise / Using Technology / Action & Result Focus / Dependability / Attention to Detail / Flexibility / Handling Stress / Initiative and Innovativeness / Integrity / Self- Management / Listening / Oral Communication / Presentation Skill / Writing / Informing / Handling Conflict / Relationship Building / Customer Focus / Professional Impact / Delegating / Developing Others / Assessing Talent / Group Facilitation / Involving Others / Leadership / Managing Performance / Teamwork / Valuing Diversity / Organizational Savvy / Planning and Organizing / Process Improvement / Project Management / Strategic View


Knowledge of

  • Components, capabilities and uses of modern computers and related equipment
  • Principles and theories of database design techniques, characteristics, capabilities, op­eration and control
  • Methods used in database management to organize, test and access data
  • software systems and techniques including procedural, non-procedural and Job Control Language (JCL) including operating and teleprocessing systems
  • Data systems analysis and design techniques
  • Training methods in data processing field
  • General principles of data processing, retrieval, analysis, and statistical reporting as related to student information systems
  • Supervisory principles and practices
  • Provisions of employee agreements
  • Rules of the Personnel Commission; district personnel procedures, and other rules and regulations

Abilities to:

  • Properly operate computer related hardware and safely operate a motor vehicle
  • Prepare in writing, clear and logical Electronic Data Processing (EDP) systems de­signs
  • Plan, organize and supervise work unit operations
  • Supervise assigned personnel effectively
  • Orally express difficult and highly technical concepts clearly and concisely so that technician and generalist will understand
  • Analyze the informational needs, problems and procedures
  • Evaluate and adapt new developments in database technology and techniques
  • Develop solutions to complex technical problems
  • Program in lan­guages appropriate to the task
  • Program and debug
  • Provide support to users
  • Write clear and logical systems designs
  • Prioritize and respond to multiples requests
  • Work with a minimum of supervision
  • Conduct surveys and studies  
  • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with the public and district personnel, users and management
  • Maintain sensitivity to ethnic, religious, cultural and sexual differences

Pasadena Unified School District
626-396-3600 ext 88402
351 S. Hudson Ave. Room 116

Pasadena, California, 91104